Ukraine is on fire

The world got mad when, during the era of technological prosperity, the war had started almost in the center of the Europe. Find out what is going in the East of Ukraine.

World politiians discuss who is guilty: Ukraine or Russia and express their regret to Urainians. That is ridiculous because WAR does not need any regret it needs actions. Moreover it is not that important who is guilty, though it is understandable to logically thinking person, important is that people die.

Our country blossoms with the blood. After the new dawn, which Revolution of Dignity has began, after the blood of Heveanly Hundred, we expected peace to come, and the most important - people to start sincerely love their Motherland and do something worth for its prosperity. Nevertheless, now the only thing we have is love for Ukraine in our hearts and tears on our faces for the best of Ukraine's sons that die defending the Motherland.

These are the regions that are fully or partly now under the control either of terrorists or Russia